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Humane s an educational institution of quality and innovation recognized in Mexico and the world, that has the commitment of offering to society an educational model with the best teaching-learning methods, that will develop the intellectual and emotional potential in the students that will allow them to be ALL THAT THEY CAN BE.



1 adult per every 4 children approximately. We are the school with the greatest number of adults per child.


16 children maximum per classroom with two guides (teachers)


24 children maximum per classroom with two guides (teachers)

Elementary workshops

24 children maximum per classroom with two guides (teachers)

Jr. high / secondary

22 kids maximum
For our training in Humane, we spend 350 hours annually per Collaborator.
We promote children who resolve their problems through dialogue, capable of refection, empathic with their surroundings
Ultimate Frisbee, Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit, Soccer, Basketball, Volley ball and more.
Our Methodology is based on the Montessori Method, Accelerative Learning (Lozanov) and the methodology based on comprehension.
We participate in over 40 annual Social Service projects for all the Community.
Throughout the year, the school focuses on the artistic expression of our children with different techniques such as: watercolors, guitar, theater, singing, photography, sculpture, among others.
We organize internal tournaments during the entire school cycle.
We promote and encourage Ecological awareness all the way from Infant’s Community to Jr. High.

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