Our Social Commitment

In Humane, it is transcendental to participate actively with organizations and foundations to build a better society and collaborate in conjunction, for a better world.

Each school cycle, our kids and teens choose the social causes they want to support. By becoming volunteers, they share their talent and resources on high impact projects that help them in becoming better human beings, understand their environment and in this sense generate attitudes of, respect and love, which will magnify their hearts.

We have participated in over 15 foundations, in which we have helped with infant education, animal care, supporting people with disabilities, help to single mothers, among others.

We appreciate being allowed to do our part in a great mission of love and aid that exists for our community. We appreciate all the hard work from the following foundations:


*Pao Down
*Piecitos descalzos
*Fundación León
*Amigo Daniel
*La Búsqueda
*Hospital Pediátrico Infantil

Our Environmental Responsibility

We know that it is responsibility of all of us to take care of and protect the planet. In Humane, we are busy transmitting a culture of respect and sharing toward a better environment. We carry out several projects to foster environmental culture like:

1) Recycling: There is a collection center that allows the proper separation of plastics, glass and aluminum.
2) Orchard: We have an orchard with various fruit trees that allow the kids to make their own preserves. There are different plants and green areas for the animals such as turtles and rabbits. The kids can go to the orchard and carry out environmental projects that they can share at home to extend a permaculture idea.
3) Reforestation: Planting and care of trees is fostered in a permanent way, inspiring our kids to always maintain a green planet.

Student Council

n Humane we believe in the potential of our adolescents which is why we have a Student Council conformed by 6th graders and Jr.High school kids. This council has the objective to propose and build projects that lead to a better student welfare and academic quality. Its foundation is to increase our school’s ethics through actions that inspire positive participation and develops the potential of each one of their classmates.
The adolescents are in charge of defining, promoting and carrying out the activities, which is why it works out as a fun platform where they can achieve their own goals and objectives. It also allows a formative space where the kids develop abilities and aptitudes that complement their professional profiles and will lead them to contribute with society positively, as well as, with themselves.

For all of this to work out, there is an organizational structure conformed by a President and Vice President, who ensure that the projects are carried out appropriately and that the proposed objectives are met.

In addition, the Council is divided into 5 committees:

1) Promotion
2) Finances
3) Activities
4) Social Service
5) Yearbook

This all gives them an executive experience that will help them in their formation trusting in their capacity of all that they can accomplish.


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