Complementary Classes

Infant’s Community

Through complementary classes, the younger kids recognize the artistic and musical principles with creativity; they work on nature, have developed their motor skills and dominance of it to interact in a group.

Children’s House

The children are conscious of the environment in which they are, they work the plastic arts and musical aspects which develop their artistic curiosity. In their psychomotricity, they dominate their fine motor skills and concentration. Also, they recognize the different living beings and their environment; and have contact with sports activities at the end of preschool.

Elementary Workshops

Works in a structured way, succeeding in team work; makes his/her own decisions interacting with technology. His/her non-verbal communication has been strengthened by expressing it through artistic and sports activities.

Jr. High

Have potentiated their artistic and sports abilities, and ecological awareness, since they have acquired knowledge of different activities that strengthen their integral formation as a person.

Complementary classes

With our complementary classes we seek to fortify the natural growth of our kids.


With different artistic strategies, the children develop their creativity and senses, strengthening their self confidence when expressing themselves through their plastic artworks with different techniques.


It is one of the most important activities to develop their formation as a person, through the practice od different sports disciplines and their participation in the sports tournament throughout the school cycle.


The children work with nature and all the human chores they can find, to create solutions and improve the world in which they live; through their interaction with the vegetable and animal world, as with the ecological awareness about recycling.


It helps them in the development of their sense with harmony and the practice, when they employ different instruments with rhythm, which fortifies their expression and interaction with people and the world in which they relate.


Is focused on creating a structure in the child, supported by the coordination of his/her movement, dominance of the space time, following up on indications that are reflected in his/her ease to communicate and participate in team work.


Buscamos formar de manera diferente la interacción del niño con la tecnología, desde el uso de material didáctico que le ayude a crear máquinas simples, hasta comenzar con la programación de pequeños droides y apliquen los conceptos aprendidos en el ambiente.

Representative Teams

It is the strengthening of the kids whose sports abilities are challenged, when competing in school events with other educational institutions and improving their outlook on life; develop their discipline, the commitment and the respect for others and for the achieved results.


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