From 7:30 am to 3:00 pm
The children are encouraged to read in English at their own level and rhythm.
100% academic classes in English
We promote children who solve their conflicts through dialogue, capable of reflecting and empathic with their surroundings.
Balanced Meals
Thanks to innovative tools such as 3D printers, arduinos, laser cutters and even free 3D software, we help to develop the students’ creativity to open their panorama and leave in them the seed of innovation.


In order to give continuity to our educational model, the Jr. High academic program at Humane School, is mainly based on the methodology created by Dr. Giorgi Lozanov, which proposes that the cognitive skills of the child are through the stimulation of the senses. This innovative proposal awakens and fosters the interest, as well as the enthusiasm of the child for learning, increasing his/her creativity and making comprehension easier.

Our model is designed for reduced groups (máximum 25 students per classroom). Offering as a benefit a better and more personalized attention to the student. The learning / teaching process is guided by is guided by professional experts, who exercise a tutelary role based on respect in their individuality, discipline, empathy, love and patience, fundamental elements for a better growth of our youngsters.



In order for the learning to be significative and the application concrete and immediate, our model is supported by the development of projects, through which the subjects of the SEP’s educational reform curricular program are covered. In this sense, Humane School has obtained excellent results which places us within the 10% best schools in the state and the country, according to the ENLACE evaluation results.


As a reinforcement to the learning and personal development of the students, diverse parallel curricular activities take place, such as trips, visits to companies, camps and social service.


In our Learning Communities, the students interact in a safe and accompanied environment. In order to improve communication Parents / School, teachers share the evolution and personal progress and effort of each student, with their parents.
To support the process of development of the adolescent, Humane School provides the parents with information such as, talks, interviews, etc., all focused on the needs that go along with this age and enrich the parents, as much as, the students and their families.


Through this model, Humane School has the commitment of planting the passion, the joy and enthusiasm t olive, in our youngsters. All this through our complementary programs that include formal activities such as art, sports, reading habit forming programs, music, theater, dance, practical formation on life values: The 7 keys and Ser Humane class, Awareness / Reflection circles and social service.

We know that a good education in the adolescent phase is vital for an integral and harmonic growth.


Bilingual youngsters that identify and resolve their study barriers. Succeeding in understanding and applying what they study to reach their goals. People that foster their responsibility in a constant and permanent manner; and thus, increase their awareness and ethical level in assuming their participation of creating an abundant exchange for themselves and the world.
They also manage to be people immersed in the national and universal development of the facts, making decisions to impact their surroundings in a positive way.


Students who communicate in English having acquired the language in an advanced level in the four skill areas which are: comprehension, speaking, writing and reading, being capable of participating in different activities and contexts.

It is a bilingual model. We work daily with an ESOL program (English as a Second Language), this is done according to the level and progress of each student. In this same manner the subjects of Geography and Universal History are given in this language. By the end of Jr. High, the student obtains his/her TOEFL international certification.


At the end of Jr. High, the student demonstrates the acquisition of the following skills:

1.- Is capable of interacting in a mid-education environment in a successful way.
2.- Will accredit an admissions exam of abilities and knowledge in the High School of his/her choice.
3.- Will know and apply the development of algebra and trigonometry topics in mathematics.
4.- Will be capable of elaborating a written or oral report on any literary genre, using the basic tools of linguistic construction.
5.- Uses the necessary spelling resources to write practical use texts in various subjects.
6.- Will be capable of exposing, in an orderly and clear manner, a topic in which different ideas are presented.
7.- Will pass an international level English exam like TOEFL with a result exceeding a score of 560, as high level abilities to be able to live productively in an English speaking country.
8.- Will interact in a positive manner in an environment, with responsibility and ethics about his/her actions and decisions.

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