What is Humane Nesting?

Humane Nesting is an extension of home, an environment so cautiously set up and designed specifically for babies 3 months to 2 years of age, in which they will have their first experiences and discoveries within a classroom and will learn side by side with the people they love and trust most: their parents.

Humane Nesting is conformed by the following classes:

  1. Early Stimulation (as of 3 months of age)
  2. Music (as of 6 months of age)
  3. BBaby & Me (as of 6 months of age)

Each class is divided into groups of:

  • Pre-crawlers
  • Crawlers
  • Walkers


Babies develop their motor, cognitive, and physical skills, to the maximum, through the Early Stimulation classes. Babies will explore and gradually acquire skills and abilities in a natural way, understanding what is happening in their surroundings through games and repetitive exercises.

In Early Stimulation class, each baby has a personalized follow-up, as the objectives and goals to be met are also planned based on the capacity and development of each individual baby.


During Music class, a series of musical stimulation activities are carried out which promote and impulse the baby’s auditory, sensory and intellectual development.

Babies discover the qualities of sound through their bodies (height, duration, intensity, and tone) while they work the audition, the rhythmic system, the songs and the movement.

Parents have fun just as their babies do when singing, becoming familiar with instruments, authors and different sounds of the world that surrounds us.


These are English classes addressed to pre-crawlers, crawlers, and walkers designed to stimulate the senses and help in the baby’s development.

Each session contains a variety of activities which include songs, light shows, puppets, surprise material, bubbles and more; introducing new and exciting concepts, combining individual and group activities and allowing them to socialize with other babies.

In the same manner, the class invites this to be a complete family experience with exercises that go beyond the classroom, involving parents in the exercises, fun recipes (like play dough with edible paint and gluten free), tips and games that can be done at home with your baby.

The more conversations, music, emotion, sensory integration, mental stimulus and physical activity your baby has, the more probability he/she will have in becoming a pampered, sensitive, intelligent, and responsible adult.

What is included in Humane Nesting, besides the classes?

  1. Personalized follow-up for each baby according to his/her own developmental stage.
  2. Monthly guidance by different specialists on topics of interests for children from 0 to 2 years of age, such as orientation talks for parents, grandparents, and even nannies.
  3. Periodical information about the baby’s developmental evolution.
  4. Staggered schedules according to your baby’s age.
  5. A warm environment and safe material exclusively for babies’ use.
  6. Tips, advice and recipes for parents about the activities that were carried out in class and can be done at home and modifications that can be made for older siblings.

In Humane Nesting we seek the integral development of the baby, which implicates cultivating their creativity and take care of his/her formation by making sure they learn in a safe and happy environment, where there are always surprising elements and experiences which generate their speaking development and building new experiences through their senses.

We invite you to come to a demonstration class and give yourself the opportunity to get to know Humane Nesting; to get involved in this space designed specifically for you, not only to hear about it, but to experience it along with your babies and to discover that Humane Nesting goes way beyond what can be imagined!

Humane Nesting: “A dream come true for us parents” ….a space where you and your baby can learn together, discover his/her interests, have fun playing and reinforcing the affectionate bond with your baby.

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